LS000226 7/14

LS000225 7/14

LS000222 7/14

Canoed to get drinks at Margarita Beach
LS000214 7/14

LS000211 7/14

LS000058 4/14

LS000159 6/14

 Our secret garden in Old Louisville 

LS000166 6/14

In KY with JTW and can’t wait to share the photos I’ve been taking! Will be home by the end of the week and will get them developed right away to share!

Thank you for raising me in a home where, every day, I got to see what true love looks like


My snuggle buddy this weekend while binge watching OITNB 
LS000147 6/14

Selfie on the “Tornado”
St. Mary’s Fair
LS000078 5/14

A happy moment in time: St.Mary’s Fair ft. Guernsey’s Moose Tracks
LS000101 5/14

Another from our week at the villa 
LS000070 4/14

I told him to put on sunscreen
But “he doesn’t burn” 
LS000009 4/14